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Messages from the team

May the Lord use this beautiful music to shepherd His flock all over the world and  continue to strengthen this wonderful team.   ~ SL

I have really enjoyed the experience! It was such an honor for me and a true blessing. In the process I was even able to minister to the sound engineer. I hope that God will touch his heart and reveal Himself to him, like He did to us.  He is so worthy.         ~ BD

I will pray so that this project reaches many hearts and touches their souls!   ~ EG

I pray that the Lord utilize this project for His best interest on earth today.  ~ SC

What a powerful story that resulted in powerful music! May the Lord honor our prayer that this music will strengthen many for the race we have before us!   ~AB

You can't imagine my joy when I received today the finished CD. Definitely God's time is perfect, and today when I opened the package and read the note tears of joy filled my eyes. Thanks for the opportunity and for including me in this glorious project!  
~ FO